Every source.

ZIG magically knows who and what you care about then finds content for you from your favorite publishers around the world. ZIG then remixes it, blends it, and feeds it back to you in a personalized stream. Links, headlines, text and fluff are removed and all content is distilled into a photo or video. Simplifying your life!


All the news you want. All in one place.

ZIG consolidates everything about the news you want into pictures and videos and brings it all together in one stream.

Ready, react, share.

ZIG allows you to react to and share content, through our patent-pending “ZIG React” feature. Using a photo or GIF, you can superimpose your physical reaction right on top of the original content. Long-press on an image, take a react, and share with your friends.

The stories you really care about.

ZIG eliminates all of the annoying things you don't want to see and focuses only on content you want.