Proving once again that being beautiful, pregnant and a royal is simply an irresistible mix, Meghan Markle is back at the top of global media engagement.

Nipsey Hussle

The tragic murder of Nipsey Hussle has been by far the biggest story of the last 72 hours and moved him all the way up to number 2 for the past week.

3 2
Donald Trump

With what seem like hourly stories The President is a permanent fixture on the weekly ZIG Index.

Highest ZIG Ranking
1 Mar. 27
Highest ZIG Score
78.9 Mar. 27
Featured In
Trump Politics
  • Most Mentions
  • Most Coverage
  • Most Engagement
  • Category Leader

Jussie Smollett remains in the top 5 as this is a story with so many twists and turns that it seems to be lingering in the public conscious.

5 1
Kim Kardashian

Rounding out the top 5 is Kim Kardashian who always has a knack for finding ways to stay in the news cycle. This week she discussed potential baby names and there was the expected media frenzy as a result.

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